CognitOps is a Warehouse Operating System that uses Operational Memory, the cloud, and machine learning
to empower warehouse operators to do their jobs better.
We’re on a mission to create software to help people and systems make quicker and more productive decisions.


Insight engine analyzes data from warehouse systems to provide visibility and prescription to drive decisions.


Simulation engine produces optimal facility design based on inputs like operational data, business requirements, and KPIs.


Scenario manager allows operator to flex the operational
profile of DC to pre-empt coming change.


Analytics engine uses empirical analysis to go beyond
standard KPIs to inform the business how to change.


Our vision is simple, to help others do their jobs better.


Definition: done by intention or design.

We govern everything we do by our intent to deliver value to our clients, our employees and our shareholders.


Definition: unreserved, honest, or sincere expression : forthrightness

We communicate candidly because it drives alignment and promotes the sharing of ideas to challenge the status quo.


Definition: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

We build, deliver, and engage with our customers with a clear understanding of why it’s meaningful and impactful to them.



Definition: the state, relation, or fact of being an owner.

We hold ourselves accountable to the results, and we own the responsibility of continuous improvement.


Our story starts with the operator. The question ‘How do I manage my building?’ has been, to date, left to the operators to answer. Today’s supply chain execution tools like WMS, WES, and WCS provide rich functionalities to execute work, but together, they fail to help operators manage the complexity found from the receiving dock to the shipping dock. Compounding matters for the operator, technology disruptions like robotics, IoT, advanced automation, virtual and augmented reality, and other point solutions are invading an ecosystem that is already challenged by the ever-changing consumer.

Our vision is to help others do their jobs better, and our mission is to create software to help people and the systems they use, make quicker and more productive decisions – improving labor productivity, decreasing order cycle time, increasing equipment utilization, and delivering certainty and balance. Having disrupted the supply chain execution space with our success in bringing WES to the forefront, we are disrupting it again by providing operators, supervisors, general managers, and executives a means to manage their buildings better and improve end-to-end efficiencies. Instead of searching across data, operational and technology siloes for answers to questions like ‘How do I manage within my WMS?’ or ‘Which system do I access to find the answer to my problem?,’ operators now have the answer to the question they’ve struggled with, ‘How do I manage my building?’ With CognitOps.

Alex Ramirez
Reas Macken