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CognitOps makes warehouse management simple and predictable.

Our cloud-native software plugs into any warehouse to deliver operational and strategic value for their operators and supply chain leaders. Quickly.

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Decrease Labor Dependence
& Reduce Costs


Increase Throughput
& Cycle Time


Improve SLA


Industry leaders use CognitOps to unlock unleveraged data, delivering visibility, and predictive and prescriptive analytics.

• Cloud-based, data science-driven warehouse optimization software.

• Applications that help DC leaders plan and balance their workforce to deliver optimal productivity and SLA performance.

Leverage Your Investments.

Simplify The Warehouse.


Connect to any warehouse management system and get what you really expected from your WMS. Extend legacy and off-the-shelf software lifetime and mitigate risk in future investments, while unlocking visibility in the data you already generate for the first time.

Amplify Your Analytics.

Kill The Excel Sheet.


With automated analytics and useful dashboards, you can spend more time taking action and less time building complex manual reports that are easily outdated.

Empower Your Humans With Intuitive Design. 


Your warehouse software shouldn’t belong in a time capsule. Kill the green screen and replace it with an easy-to-use, clear UI. With human-centric recommendations, digestible data, and valuable insights, say goodbye to steep learning curves and slow analysis.

The CognitOps Platform


CognitOps ALIGN senses the condition of your entire warehouse in real-time to automate operational decisions around labor, inventory, demand, and equipment. Discover ALIGN →

CognitOps ALIGN helps leaders flow, balance, and manage operations holistically, fully understanding and optimizing the state of your building in real-time.

Our cloud-based platform provide both the advanced decision making guidance for your warehouse optimizing the productivity of your workforce.

• Data Extraction: Connect to any warehouse system and extract data without new integrations.

• Operational Memory: Leverage machine learning to determine course corrections for your operation in real-time.

• Applications: Engage with applications that serve a purpose. Manage, execute, and benchmark with the same context.

• Universal UX: Provide a central lens of information to your executive, operational, IT, and engineering teams.

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