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CognitOps Adds ShiftLaunch to its Align Platform to Accelerate Warehouse Productivity at Shift Start by 20%

ShiftLaunch   |   October 12th, 2020

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Austin, TX – October 12, 2020

Warehouse operations frequently see between 15% and 30% of unrecoverable productivity loss during the first hour of a shift. CognitOps has added its ShiftLaunch tool to its Align product to help businesses start fast and stay at maximum efficiency throughout the day.

Businesses continue to face eCommerce spikes, aggressive shipping cutoffs, and labor cost and availability challenges. COVID-19 protocols such as social distancing are compounding these issues. CognitOps worked with its subscribers to deliver the industry’s first start-of-shift optimizer to drive productivity at no charge. CognitOps is committed to innovating not only warehouse solutions but how businesses procure and leverage the platform.

CognitOps designed and developed ShiftLaunch as part of its continuous product release commitment to provide prescriptive, actionable recommendations to streamline warehouse operations. ShiftLaunch incorporates AI-driven forecasts and productivity analyses to recommend changes that are most likely to leave the warehouse in a state most closely matching the desired starting conditions for the next shift. Some of the critical features of ShiftLaunch include plain-text and analytics-enriched guidance around:

  • Work release guidance
  • Initial labor allocation
  • Equipment activation 

By “priming the pump” for the start of the next shift, ShiftLaunch eliminates the slow ramp-up typically seen at the beginning of shift, launching the operation into a stratosphere of productivity that will set them up for success through the end of the shift. To learn more, read CognitOps Data Scientist Mike Viotti’s development post here.

CognitOps Align platform is a real-time warehouse planning and execution system that integrates with existing WMS, WES, LMS, and other warehouse systems to guide operations with predictive analytics, prescriptive decisions, and proactive exception identification. 

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