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Introducing CognitOps

About Us

We formed CognitOps in 2018 after successfully building a Warehouse Execution Software company. We delivered value to the Fortune 500 and many other great companies, but we felt the cluttered landscape of supply chain technologies limited our value.

We also believed that the market shared our frustration with inadequate software tools, siloed data, and disparate systems.

So we decided to do something about it.

By combining our customer focus and operations expertise with a team of brilliant software architects, data scientists, emerging tech developers, and dedicated investors, we launched the first Warehouse Operating System company to help businesses tap into their supply chains’ potential.

The CognitOps Philosophy

Our Vision

We often say that operations management has been left behind. We’ve been on the floor with these leaders, and we’ve experienced the challenges they face in managing warehouses irrespective of the industries or channels. Instead of engaging with their team members, being creative, and managing strategically, operations leaders have been too busy managing work.

These leaders haven’t had time to plan for the future, which is why our vision is clear and compelling: to unleash ingenuity and give rise to resilient businesses.

Supply chains have long grappled with challenges presented by the shift to eCommerce, which impacts all fulfillment channels due to the increased variability across their warehouses. This has led to the rise of omnichannel, proliferation of automation and dependence on labor, resulting in warehouses becoming more complex and more challenging to manage.


Meet the faces serving our customers and our team

CognitOps | The Team - Alex Ramirez
Co-founder & CEO

Alex Ramirez

Alex Ramirez co-founded CognitOps in 2018 after successfully building a Warehouse Execution Software company, Reddwerks, which was acquired by Dematic in 2015. Before Reddwerks, Alex helped Accenture and HighJump Software build warehouse management systems. Alex has spent over 20 years in the warehouse technology space and has helped countless organizations get the most out of their supply chain investments. In his CEO role, Alex serves the team by owning strategy, customer success, HR, and fundraising.
CognitOps | The Team - Reas Macken
Co-founder & COO

Reas Macken

Reas Macken co-founded CognitOps in 2018 after successfully leading product, sales, and professional services teams at Reddwerks, a Warehouse Execution Software company that was acquired by Dematic in 2015. For his entire career, Reas has been a visionary in building products to solve the toughest warehousing problems. In his COO role, Reas serves the team by owning product strategy and management, and operations.
CognitOps | The Team - Clint Miller
Chief Technology Officer

Clint Miller

Clint Miller joined CognitOps in 2018 as Chief Technology Officer. Clint has worked as a software architect in early-stage Austin start-ups for over 20 years. Before CognitOps, he helped companies such as Convey, Cognitive Scale, Avention (acquired by Dun & Bradstreet), and Troux (acquired by Planview) build innovative and enterprise-scalable products. In his CTO role, Clint serves the team by owning platform strategy, architecture, development, and support.
CognitOps | The Team - Kevin Safford
Chief Data Scientist

Kevin Safford

Kevin Safford joined CognitOps in 2019 as Chief Data Scientist. Before CognitOps, Kevin was Vice President of Development and Data Science at Umbel, a first-party data platform for sports fan engagement, and was co-founder of a TechStars incubated retail analytics company. Kevin has an illustrious career in practically applying AI theory to solving real-world problems. In his Chief Data Scientist role, Kevin serves the team by owning AI strategy, architecture, development, and support.
CognitOps | The Team - Roger Counihan
Chief Revenue Officer

Roger Counihan

Roger Counihan joined CognitOps in 2020 as Chief Revenue Officer. Before CognitOps, Roger was VP of Sales at Fortna, an industry-leading supply chain consulting and system integration company, where he built an industry-leading Life Sciences practice and led clients through strategic, complex technology designs and implementations. In his role as Chief Revenue Officer, Roger serves the team by owning sales, marketing, and business development.

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