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CognitOps Product Update – June 2024

Warehouses require a flexible workforce to manage fluctuating workloads throughout the day. For instance, picking may become a priority when the team needs to meet a customer SLA cutoff. When there’s less work in one department, supervisors may reassign workers to other tasks or departments. The KPI dashboard for each department gives insight into worker productivity, utilization, and efficiency while they’re in that one department. But it doesn’t account for time spent in other departments. 

That’s why we’re introducing Facility Worker Performance for our customers with multiple CognitOps Align modules. This view aggregates those same performance metrics for each worker across the entire facility based on all the data we have about that worker. 

Complete View of Worker Performance Across the Facility 

Facility Worker Performance takes all transactions across all CognitOps Align modules to build a complete view of each worker’s productivity, utilization and efficiency across the entire facility. 

This benefits supervisors in two ways: 

  1. They get a better read on individual performance because this new feature tracks everything a worker is doing on the clock and measures utilization across departments. This provides a clearer view of who is staying fully utilized versus who is doing less. 
  2. Supervisors also get an overall view of worker productivity and efficiency to get an LMS-style insight into the entire team’s performance across the building. 
worker performance

Facility Worker Performance – Date Range

Worker Performance Data Broken Down into Multiple Views

  • Department / Parent Area / Area / Zone: This shows performance by department and provides insight into where people are more or less productive. For example, supervisors can look at the facility’s Inventory department to see the utilization for all the people who worked in Inventory during a specific time frame. 

Facility Worker Performance – Department

  • Individual: Supervisors can compare people to each other across the facility and in each department. They can look at worker level performance all the way down to the zone level all the way up to the overall worker level. This eliminates the need for supervisors to go to each module for department-level information. For example, if an individual works across multiple zones, supervisors can look at the performance for each zone over the last seven days as well as the total performance. 
worker performance

Facility Worker Performance – Productivity

  • Time Window: Supervisors who only manage one shift can filter the data to just show the performance for the shift they manage. Facility supervisors who want to look at performance of each department by shift can do the same. 

Coming Soon

Now that we have pulled the individual worker level data from across the facility into one view, our next step is to create a Facility KPIs view that shows the overall utilization, efficiency and productivity of the team. This foundational data allows us to build toward the real promise of our upcoming Facility module.

That will deliver a General Manager or Operations Manager view of how the whole team is performing to see where there are issues across the entire building.

Watch for that coming later this summer.

CognitOps | The Team - Reas Macken

Author: Reas Macken Co-founder, COO & Head of Product

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