Optimize Your Warehouse Labor. Improve KPIs That Count. 

CognitOps fills the gaps in your warehouse with real-time visibility and planning predictability. CognitOps Align warehouse optimization software, our machine-learning-powered cloud-based analytics platform, adds an intelligence layer to your existing order and warehouse management systems. Optimize productivity and improve labor and delivery metrics — and achieve ROI in weeks.

warehouse optimization software

CognitOps ALIGN

Built for the operations management team, CognitOps ALIGN warehouse optimization software integrates with your existing warehouse systems to deliver real-time visibility, predictive analytics, and practical recommendations to make more efficient and informed decisions.

Replace Excel spreadsheets with real-time visibility and actionable forecasts across warehouse functions, all delivered in an intuitive UI. Reduce labor costs, increase throughput, and meet customer deadlines.

Get ROI in 2-4 months, with customers seeing savings of $800,000 per warehouse.

Modular Application and Roll Out:
  • Receiving, Inventory, Picking, Packing, Shipping modules with individual management dashboards – start with your highest priority.
  • Integrate with WMS to pull just the data needed for each module.
  • Enable visibility for department-level supervisors — then roll up to the Facility view for GMs and Operations Managers.
  • SaaS implementation in as little as a few weeks for the first location — even less for the rest of your network.


Advanced Labor Balancing:

  • Position staff at the right spot at the start of the day
  • Redistribute when needed by availability, priority, eligibility
  • Optimize labor utilization

Enhanced Demand Orchestration:

  • Identify fulfillment risks before they impact customers
  • Prioritize work by SLA, customer priority, and fulfillment time
  • Balance demand across multiple business units or brands
  • Proactively receive and replenish stocking locations with the right priority
  • Improve SLA attainment
  • Improve order fulfillment
  • Increase building throughput
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Decrease Labor Dependence
& Reduce Costs

26 – 34%

Improve Throughtput &

Shorten Cycle Time

22 – 27%

Increase SLA

8 – 10%

Industry Leaders Rely on CognitOps
Warehouse Optimization Software

tractor supply co
Performance Health
AB Inbev

A Game-Changer

"With CognitOps ALIGN, I can run my building on my phone. It's a game-changer for our DC operations."
Drew Sharp, Operations Manager, SEPHORA


Case Study: Personal Care & Beauty Multinational

Driving CPU reduction, exponential order cycle time reduction, and slashing upgrade costs, CognitOps ALIGN provided measurable and critical value for this world leading brand.



Achieve total network visibility with consistent measures and metrics across every distribution center. Trust the data to confidently make decisions to improve your global performance.

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  • Understand the performance of your entire distribution network in near real-time
  • Rely on consistent metrics across distribution centers
  • Identify low- and high-performing facilities
  • Understand your total labor and capacity position

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