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CognitOps ALIGN

CognitOps ALIGN provides DC leadership real time visibility, predictive analytics, and plain text recommendations to make better, faster decisions.

Replace tribal knowledge with accessible, continuous intelligence and data driven actions.

Transform your operations with visibility, forecasts, and actionable predictions, all delivered in an intuitive, simple UI.

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Labor Balancing and Planning:

  • Know the right place to position team at the start of the day
  • Know when and where to redistribute your team, by availability, priority, and eligibility
  • Leverage automation to maximize productivity
  • Increased labor utilization
  • Optimized output from your current team (especially given today’s labor constraints)

Demand Orchestration:

  • Identify fulfillment risks before they impact customers
  • Prioritize work by SLA, customer priority, and fulfillment time
  • Balance demand across multiple business units or brands
  • Proactively receive and replenish stocking locations with the right priority
  • Improved SLA attainment
  • Improve order fulfillment
  • Increased building throughput

Labor Costs

Cycle Time

Order Fulfillment


A Game-Changer

"With CognitOps ALIGN, I can run my building on my phone. It's a game-changer for our DC operations."
- Drew Sharp,
Operations Manager, SEPHORA


Case Study: Personal Care & Beauty Multinational

Driving CPU reduction, exponential order cycle time reduction, and slashing upgrade costs, CognitOps ALIGN provided measurable and critical value for this world leading brand.



Quickly and confidently make network decisions that fit and scale strategically to improve your global performance. Coordinated actions based on total network visibility.

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  • Understand the performance of your entire distribution network in near real-time
  • Identify risks and high-performing buildings
  • Understand your total labor and capacity position
  • Know the Health of your distribution network
  • Global visibility into your entire warehouse network.

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