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Supply Chain Startup: There’s a Platform For That

Modern Materials Handling   |   June 22nd, 2020

“If I only had a brain.” The Scarecrow, Wizard Of Oz.

Does the supply chain software space really need another acronym. We’re already trying to keep track of SCM, ERP, SCE, WMS, WCS, WES, LMS, YMS, TMS, ROS, RES, SCV, IoT, AI, ML, BI, SaaS, RaaS and STD – Okay, kidding on the last one to see if you’re reading.

Alex Ramirez and Reas Macken, the co-founders of CognitOps, an Austin-based startup in the warehouse space, argue that yes, there’s room for WOS, or warehouse operating system. That’s their term for something they describe as “a brain for the warehouse.” That’s a cloud-based analytics platform that reaches into the relevant systems in a facility that impact productivity, shoots the data into the cloud, analyzes and crunches the numbers and then sends back a holistic view of what’s happening on the ground to help operations managers make better decisions. “It’s a force multiplier for everyone on the floor,” says Ramirez.

It’s also an example of the trend towards platforms that I wrote about in last week’s blog about SVT Robotics. The companies share a common early stage investor in Schematic Ventures.