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Warehouse Automation Management Startup CognitOps Raises $3M In Seed Funding

Yahoo! Finance   |   June 16th, 2020

If you’re a warehouse operations manager, Alex Ramirez feels your pain. A longtime supply chain technology executive, Ramirez has borne witness to a flurry of automation activity, as companies develop new software and hardware products aimed at helping clients speed up manual processes and manage spiraling e-commerce demands and consumer expectations.

As beneficial as these solutions may be, they have also created headaches for warehouse operations managers charged with overseeing multiple systems, often with different rules and interfaces. “The proliferation, the cacophony has created in the warehouse the need for orchestration,” he said.

So in 2018, Ramirez and his colleague Reas Macken decided to co-found a startup, CognitOps, that would ease the burden on managers while driving efficiencies for customers.