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CognitOps Selected for Wincanton W2 Labs

December  14, 2020

CognitOps is excited to announce our partnership with Wincanton W2 Labs to demonstrate the value of our platform in a complex 3PL environment, and also to mark our expansion of work outside of North America and into the UK and Europe.

Below are a few excerpts of CEO Alex Ramirez’s interview with W2 Labs.

Why did you apply to be a part of W2 Labs?

We applied because our vision and mission are 100% aligned with Wincanton’s goal of revolutionising modern-day fulfilment with better demand forecasting and people and process planning. We didn’t set out to just build a product; we started CognitOps for opportunities to deliver value like this one.

What do you see as the key benefits of collaboration between start-ups and large companies like Wincanton?

We see three major advantages:

  1. Stronger engagement to a pilot: Curiosity and conviction barriers have already been lowered, and the willingness to experiment with frontier technologies is present.
  2. Proper investment and expectations:  A large company like Wincanton is prepared to invest their time and resources to help the start-up. Additionally, expectations are usually aligned with the start-up’s modus operandi of ‘start small, grow big’.”
  3. Use case and value alignment: large companies usually have one or more instances of the business problem. Success can be accomplished if the start-up executes around these.

About CognitOps

Founded in 2018, CognitOps is an AI company that redefines warehouse management and enables businesses to create resilient supply chains. CognitOps believes that the continued growth of point solutions combined with the macro-level complexities in today’s world, will require supply chain leaders to centralize their data, model their operations, and automate decision making.