Since Warehouse Management Systems (WMSs) took off in the last century, they’ve become mission-critical to warehouse operations. But they haven’t really evolved from their original purpose of digitizing the file cabinet.

Today, the big 5 WMS software vendors—Manhattan (founded 1990), HighJump (founded in 1983, now part of Körber), Blue Yonder (founded in 1985, formerly JDA Software), Oracle WMS, and the most recently, SAP EWM (introduced in 2006)—can be found in the distribution centers of many of the largest companies across the world.

WMS software provide inventory workflow tools that allow warehouses to receive inventory, count it, position it, pick it, and send it. The goal is to get stuff into the warehouse and get it out. 

Basically, they were built to focus on goods and supplies, not people. When some estimates put labor cost at 50-70% of warehouse operating expense, that’s a missed opportunity. But it’s only one of the WMS frustrations we hear from our customers. 

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